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  • Standard and Custom sizes - ENERGY STAR® qualified windows available from our associate manufacturers
  • Painting Services - pre-painted or post installation

Whether you are building a new home or replacing your windows for resale curb appeal and/or working to improve your home’s energy efficiency, the product lists can seem endless. What style of window do you want? Single hung or double hung? Casement or awning? Then once you decide on the style of your window, you need to start thinking about quality.

Deciding on a home’s windows can be an expensive endeavor. But trying to save money now by installing cheaper windows can end up costing a great deal more money over time.

Custom Colors can help you with many of these decisions by introducing you to our list of associated manufacturers before discussing what we can do for you in the way of pre-painted extrusions or post installation painting.

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Supply, installation, and Wrapped Components
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Extrusion Painting
All of our vinyl and wood products can be painted or stained in-house or on-site.


If you are uncertain about what you actually need... contact us directly!

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To provide the best quality products so your project is completed successfully and affordably.

Contractor Pricing

If you are currently a licensed Contractor, we can provide volume pricing.